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E Troop (Juniors) Join The Team
Date: Wednesday, September 02, 2015 @ 14:25:56 BST
Topic: All information on the team

The SASUK are proud to announce that we have now taken on board a under 18 squad. This is reserved as E Troop, and will consist of the all new junior players willing and showing enthusiasm for playing both for the SASUK and airsoft. A spokesman for the SASUK has stated that "despite the long history of the clan never taking on board players under the age of 18, we have now relaxed the rule. Despite this we have seen a great interest of very good players wanting to join this elite team". The history of the SASUK goes as far back as 1998 when they started playing the multiplayer online game Delta Force. Three senior members of the SASUK are DBS certified, therefore this gives the team the flexibility to play away games with other teams at any given time. E troop will start training with A, B, C and D troops immediately and will embark on home or away games as soon as they are called for.

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