We are recruiting NOW 
SASUK have been on a massive recruitment drive, pushing to get more players to fill A, B,C and D troops. Anyone who wishes to join has the opportunity to request to join the team. However there is a small criteria that must be met....The criteria to join the team is as follows: 1. Must be dedicated to both airsoft and the team 2. must be loyal and honest 3. must not have been nor in the process of being banned from any airsoft site. 4. If under 18, must have consent from parents / guardians 5. Must be available to play at Bristol Airsoft 6. Must be able to play as a team member. 7. Must be willing to undergo training 8. Must be able to have a good time. If you meet the above criteria and are still willing to join, then drop paul a private PM or leave us a message in the forums.
Posted on Tuesday, September 08, 2015 @ 16:41:35 BST by paul
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