Breaking News: SASUK Barracks 
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 Its is now official, SASUK have now got a new home, SASUK Barracks. The grounds consist of a large farm house, barns and buildings surrounded by plenty acres of land, woodland and a stream. So what does this mean for the SASUK and what are the plans? SASUK have now selected 4 members that will be part of a forum or council. The council are making arrangements with the sponsors to start planning and implementing the refurbishment of the property. (Read more)

 Without disclosing too much of how the SASUK will be using the grounds, we can say that the layout will consist of the following; 

  • a Pistol and Rifle Range
  • Bunkers and trenches playing area
  • Barracks for all weekend games
  • BBQ area
  • Armoury

This is just a short list for now as we are still establishing a timeline for all the works to be done. Our sponsors will be named in January but for now are working closely with us to prepare the ground work. The four SASUK Council members member have been selected to over see all the Legalities and administration of the work. SASUK would like to thank at this point, all the members and sponsors that have helped make this become a reality. More news on the development of the SASUK Barracks will be posted.

Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2017 @ 07:02:32 GMT by paul