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SASUK vs OBA 2017 Kick Off 
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 2017 kicked off with a fantastic match against the Old Blokes Airsoft (OBA). The aim was to kick off the OBA tour in Bristol, Somerset at Bristol Airsoft, the Old Crown Courts, home to SASUK. What started off with a safety brief, 19 players from OBA were placed on the Red Team against Blue Team some of the SASUK players and a few customers that made up the numbers.

 The day was a huge success with plenty of banter from both sides. SASUK members did offer to carry some of the older players, or went as far as to help some of them up the steps. Due to the site not being wheelchair friendly, the NCO’s of SASUK thought it wise just to roll the OBA players down the stair-case into the cell area. This was quickly ruled out as it was confirmed that there was a high risk that some OBA players may have dentures. All went to plan until the SASUK started using grenades. Normally this would not be an issue, but the risk assessments failed to asses that most OBA players (given their age) had hearing aids. OBA players were seen walking around senselessly, confused by all the noise. Some even tried to stick foreign objects in their ears to stop all the ringing.

Regardless SASUK pressed on with all their attacks. The marshals had to keep calling breaks to allow the OBA players to empty their catheter bags. This did knock SASUK off their stride. More concerning to the younger players was when they were calling hits. The fire fights were fierce, but when a few members were hit, its was a challenge to shout that they were hit. The responses were “pardon, what did you say? Speak up young man”.

The SASUK medics were the unsung heroes of the day. Many a times they would stumble upon an OBA player looking for the rubber footings of their Zimmer frames, that was more than likely blown off by a BFG. In a few cases sat down to reassure them whilst they sat down to get their breaths back. They went as far as to help the “dads army” by cutting up their food at lunch time. All in all it was a great day with a score of SASUK 0, OBA 5. Well done guys and from SASUK, enjoy your tour.

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 @ 15:46:01 GMT by paul
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All information on the team
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