Rank Image (Seniors)

Rank Name Rank Image (Juniors) Abbreviation
Recruit RCR
Trooper TPR
Lance Corporal LCPL
Corporal CPL
Sergeant SGT
Staff Sergeant SSGT
Quarter Master QM
Company Sergeant Major CSM
Regimental Sergeant Major RSM
Officer Cadet 1 OC1
Officer Cadet 2 OC2
Officer Cadet 3 OC3
Officer Cadet 4 OC4
Officer Cadet 5 OC5
Second Lieutenant 2nd.Lt
First Lieutenant 1st.Lt
Captain Cpt
Major Maj
Lieutenant Colonel Lt.Col
Colonel Col
Brigadier General B.Gen
Major General Maj.Gen
Lieutenant General Lt.Gen
General Gen
General of the Army GOA

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