Date: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 @ 08:30:00 BST
Topic: All information on the team

Yet again the SASUK are being deployed, this time to the NAE in Ringwood Hampshire. Unlike Last year, this time they will be heavily armed with a combination of assault rifles, sniper rifles and heavy support weapons. The team will consist of elements from A, B, C, and D Troops along with some of our junior members too......

SASUK are prod of their long standing history, 18 years to be honest. 18 years of friendship, banter, fun and above all recently shooting other players. This is the second time that the SASUK have been deployed to the NAE. Last year, only 2 official members deployed along with players from other units. This year, the officers decided to go more as a team. Bristol Airsoft, is the home of all the members of the team. each player is trained in the art of CQB, and thus playing in a larger woodland surrounding shouldn't be a challenge. "This year we are proud to announce that we have some ladies and a member from our junior troop present too. Despite having all played along side each other at our home base, we can certainly say that our female and junior players can hold their own. We are a stronger force this year and I believe we will meet all our challenges set forth by the NAE team." For more information about the event please visit

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