SASUK to War!
Date: Friday, December 11, 2015 @ 10:43:51 GMT
Topic: Airsoft

2016 brings exciting news for the team. We have our first team matches planned for the early part of the year. We are still currently in the early stages or arranging the dates but the venues are set.

It is a long time in waiting, but we have decided to arrange the first two games for January. Details of the two matches will be released in early January but we can announce the following: The matches will be at two different venues. One will be in Devon and the second will be in Cornwall. Obviously both are away games. For both games, there loadout will consist of; heavy gunner, snipers and assault. Both sites are woodlands and the OPFOR team will be released closer to the time. SASUK will welcome any players from A,B,C,or D troop.

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