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Rules -

§ 1 Hit Calling
When a player receives a valid BB strike to their person or gear, that player is responsible for visual AND audible confirmation of being hit. This is typically performed as placing a red rag on their head (or producing a red chem light at night), raising their hands, waving a red rag above their head, and yelling LOUDLY “Hit! Hit! Hit!” That player then follows the casualty rules of the day as described by the event rules.

Wounded players will only be allowed to talk to other dead players, field staff, and live players who are currently attempting to bandage them. Wounded players may not use the radio (unless for emergency purposes), possess or retain game items, or otherwise participate in the game except to call for a medic. A BB hit to the player's gun does NOT count as a hit.

§ 2 Wounded Rule
i. Once a player is hit they must put on their dead rag. If POWs are in play, a bleed-out timer of 5 minutes (300 seconds) begins, otherwise players may instantly respawn at a designated respawn point.

ii. As long as the dead rag is on, the dead player must remain stationary (unless they are being dragged) and may not speak except to call for a medic.

iii. The player may be “dragged” by any teammate during the bleed-out period. To drag a player, both players must maintain physical contact and move together as one player. Players that are dragging may still engage, however, if the wounded player is hit while being dragged, the dragging player is then considered hit also.

iv. Healing a player requires a 30 second hold where physical contact must be maintained. The 30 seconds may NOT be counted while the player is being dragged.

v. Once the bleed-out timer has expired and the player has not been brought back into the game by a medic, the hit player may move to a respawn point and be brought back into the game.

§ 3 Surender Rule
There are is no such thing as BANG/Safety Kills. When engaging players within the 15 foot MED, you must safety kill them by saying “SAFETY,” “SAFETY KILL,” or “BANG.” They will then pull their dead rag out and wait for a medic or move to respawn. When a player is safety killed, they should not yell out “HIT.” Safety kills are supposed to be quiet and offer a stealth aspect to gameplay.

§ 4 Disputes
All disputes between players are to be resolved in a fair, honorable, sportsman-like, and non-violent manner. Any player that cannot maintain their composure may be asked to leave the event. Under no circumstances are players to resort to violence or intimidation. There will be no exceptions to this rule. If players cannot easily resolve a dispute, both players should remove themselves from the game and return to the respawn point or staging area for resolution or mediation. If mediation is requested or required to resolve a dispute, seek out event staff. A mediator's verdict is to be considered final and without appeal.