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Rules -

§ 1 Safety
a. Age requirements Mid-Missouri Airsoft (SASUK) events require all players to be at least 12 years of age. Players under the age of 18 require a parent or guardian signature on their waiver.

b. Eye protection Full seal goggles with lenses rated ANSI Z87.1 (or greater) are required. Additional face, mouth, and ear protection is recommended for all players, but is not required.

c. No-Fire zones No-Fire zones are any area which are outside the playing and chrono area. In a No-Fire zone, players may not discharge their weapon or point their weapon at another person or property, and must keep the weapon clear (this includes the chamber) and unloaded with magazines out and the safety engaged. Weapons are to be treated as if they are real firearms.

d. Weapon types The only weapon systems allowed at SASUK events are Airsoft weapon systems. “Real steel” or actual firearms of any type are not allowed.

e. Muzzle velocity limits Airsoft weapon systems will be chronographed with 0.20 gram BBs. Metal, graphite, and marking BBs are not allowed. Up to 405FPS: Unrestricted 406-450FPS: Semi-auto only, 50 foot MED 451FPS-550FPS: Bolt action sniper rifles only, 100 foot MED.

f. Minimum engagement distances (MEDs) Players may not use full auto or aim for the head at close distances (within 15 feet). Use good judgment and common sense.

g. Blind firing The act of blind firing, whereby the shooter does not know where they are aiming, is strictly prohibited.