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§ 1 Anti Cheating Rules
Airsoft is a game of honesty, integrity, and honour. This is not paintball; there are no markers or any verifiable way to ensure that a player has actually been hit other than the honesty and integrity of the players themselves. Because of this, any and all incidences of players intentionally not calling themselves out when hit will be defined as cheating and will be dealt with as indicated below. Any players that witness events of cheating, whether by their teammates or by their opponents, should bring it to the attention of event staff as soon as possible in order to quickly take punitive or corrective action.
Rule violation consequences:

First offence: Player receives a verbal warning 

Second offence: Player receives written warning on their waiver; parent/guardian notified if a minor. 

Third offence: Player will be asked to leave the field for the day; note made on waiver 

Fourth offence: Player will be banned from SASUK events for 30 days 

Fifth offence: Player will be banned from all further SASUK events held that year

Higher level consequences may be expedited at the discretion of the SASUK staff depending on the severity of the violation