Breaching during an assualt

A member from A Troop breaching.

Standby, Standby, Standby

3 members from A Troop awaiting a breach order.

Post War

Some members from A, B and E Troop

Catching a breath

Comander of A Troop catches his breath post scrimmage

Lifes so hard

Member from E Troop posing post Scrimmage .

Lock n Load

Member of A Troop pre-breach order.

Solid Defence

Members of A and B Troop in defence.

Helping Hand

Two members of SASUK assisting in the defence with some new guys.

Post Scrimmage

Members of SASUK relaxing post scrimmage.

Follow the Leader

A member of SASUK from A Troop assisting in a breach.

Garden Party

A Member from A Troop at the NAE 2017.

Visa Versa

A comical pose showing the funny side of SASUK.